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Cultivating Creativity and Self-Disciple in your Homeschool Child, How to get your kids to work Independently, and more Q&A Parenting questions answered live with Aurora & ...

Are your kids struggling or bored with their curriculum? How to pick a curriculum that matches your family values! Go here for more info:

It's overwhelming to put together a complete 12-year homeschool curriculum from scratch, so most homeschoolers model what public schools do: teach individual subjects (math, readin...

How to avoid the biggest mistakes when teaching science, and what to do about them. Go here:

How do you know when you've done a good job? It's different for everyone, but most folks haven't really thought about what it would take for themselves to feel good about homeschoo...

How to keep a rock-solid science journal for your homeschool records that is easy and fun to do! (Hint: kids do most of the work!) Go here to learn more:

How to get the most out of the curriculum that you already have! Go here to learn more:

How to create a lifetime love of learning for your kids, even if they aren't excited about it right now? Let's get started! Go here to learn more:

How to teach science to your homeschool kids the easy way! Go here to learn more:

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