If you love the idea of flying, then you'll love this class today.
All you need is:
hole punch (optional)
And in no time, you'll be flying your very own 5-minute-build kite!
We're doing this free series of SCIENCE (and MATH) classes for the next couple of weeks, where we teach your kids for you and give your kids a real hands-on experience of what it's like to be a scientist!
If you're new to Supercharged Science, here are resources that will keep your kids happily engaged and occupied for HOURS, with educational activities and projects that they can really learn something from:
Supercharged School (FREE):
Marine Biology Class:
(class times are in YOUR time zone)
Robotics Class:
(class times are in YOUR time zone)
BIG Physics class:
www.SuperchargedScience.com/physics (class is 3/18 at 10am Pacific)
If you STILL want more, then we have a full-blown online science curriculum that you can enroll per month for all your K-12 kids in for the price of one: www.SuperchargedScience.com/school
Feel free to share these resources with anyone you think would be interested and needs help!