1. Be consistent - what you do today, do tomorrow, and the next day. It's important to have a rhythm and routine for your kids. If you have a walk after lunch one day, continue this rhythm daily so it becomes part of your time together with your child. Kids thrive on consistency, from one-on-one special time to discipline to family rituals and traditions.

2. Slow and Stead Winds the Race! Be a turtle - don't eat the whole enchilada at once! Spread out the things you want to do throughout the year so you have time in between for more inspired experiences and activities. Most people will take on too much and choke at the start. You want to show your kids how make a goal, map out steps to get there, and consistently work toward that goal every day.

3. Start Simple! Work toward your educational goals in stages. Babies learn to sit up, then wiggle and roll, then crawl, walk then run. There's a definite purpose to the order and sequence! You want the same for your kids' educational experience. Most people will start out with a huge amount to do, and then get overloaded and quit. You see this with diet and exercise, people starting up their own business, and in many other areas of life. This skill of starting slow and adding things incrementally will spread to multiple areas of your child's life.

4. When you say YES to one thing, you say NO to something else. If I say YES to soccer activities, I am saying NO to having Saturday morning snuggles, hiking, and farmer's markets that I love taking my kids to. Evaluate if the YES is going to fulfill your goals in ways that are positive and sustainable.

5. Minimize Distractions - Does your child's study space allow them to focus and be inspired? Where do they gravitate to when they are doing their logical learning, their creative play, and their imaginative dreaming? Understand how the learning spaces you set up best support your child's educational experiences.

6. Collaborate - don't go it alone! There's a vollage of folks out there that are passionate about their work and love kids! Those are the ones you need to connect and engage with!

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