Build a NERVE TESTER in our Electricity class with SUPERCHARGED SCIENCE!

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We're going to take our lesson from earlier this week and make our own ELECTRIC NERVE TESTER so you can test the nerves of your family (in a good way)!

Orig FB Live for NERVE TESTER:

We've got more videos about electricity from our whole week together!

Missed Monday? Find it here:

Tuesday's Burglar Alarm class:

Wednesday's DC Motor class:

Our classes this week are all about wiring up electrical circuits, discovering electrically conductive materials, learning how to make simple switches, exploring motor circuits, direction and speed controls, build trip wire burglar alarms, build our own DC motor and now we're building our own Nerve Testers!

You can do this ENTIRE CLASS with NO MATERIALS at all.. simply watch and learn, and after class is over, rip apart old electronic toys to find wires, batteries, motors, switches, LEDs, etc for use in the class.

Please note - if you're purchasing items from the order links below, you do not need to purchase multiples if you plan to take your project apart for the next day's class. Example: You do not need to purchase 4 sets of alligator clip test leads if you plan to re-use your items every day (re-using is highly recommended).

We will be re-using these materials for future classes in robotics, engineering, renewable energy and lasers as well.

If you can for AA Batteries, please use "cheap" batteries, the kind usually included in electronic toys or available at dollar stores, like this 8-pack of AA is $1. These are safer for kids than alkaline, but also if that's all you have, just use what you've got.

AA Battery Case
2 AA batteries
Alligator clip test leads
wire coat hanger
popsicle stick
vice grips
wood block or foam block
6V Buzzer: (OPTIONAL)



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