Build your own Crystal Radio!

Kids at HOME?? We'll teach science for you, totally free! Be sure to share this class with a friend! This is an advanced project, so if you're looking for a good parent-kid project for the weekend, this is it!

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A crystal radio is among the simplest of radio receivers - there’s no battery or power source, and nearly no moving parts. The source of power comes directly from the radio waves themselves.

The crystal radio turns the radio signal directly into a signal that the human ear can detect. Your crystal radio will detect in the AM band that have been traveling from stations (transmitters) thousands of miles away.

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Our classes this week are all about wiring up electrical circuits, discovering electrically conductive materials, learning how to make simple switches, exploring motor circuits, direction and speed controls, build trip wire burglar alarms, build our own DC motor and now we're building our own Nerve Testers!

You can do this ENTIRE CLASS with NO MATERIALS at all.. simply watch and learn, and after class is over, rip apart old electronic toys to find wires, batteries, motors, switches, LEDs, etc for use in the class.

Please note - if you're purchasing items from the order links below, you do not need to purchase multiples if you plan to take your project apart for the next day's class. Example: You do not need to purchase 4 sets of alligator clip test leads if you plan to re-use your items every day (re-using is highly recommended).

Toilet paper tube
Scrap of cardboard
Popsicle stick
Brass fasteners (4)
Magnet wire
Germanium diode: 1N34A
4.7k-ohm resistor
Alligator clip test leads
***Crystal earphone
Insulated wire OR

***A telephone handset can work in a pinch, but you're going to wreck it to make it work for this project, so make sure it's one that still works and that is ok to take apart!



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