How we play games is how we do life! You can use games to teach your kids about honesty, being on a team, taking calculated risks, cooperating with others in a competitive field, and figuring out the most important goal you should be strategizing for.
My personal favorites for beginners to board games:
1. 7 Habits of Happy Kids
2. Forbidden Desert
3. Compounded
4. 7 Wonders
5. Splendor
Personal favorites (for more seasoned players) that have a strong structure for teachable moments:
1. Wealth of Nations
2. Food Chain Magnate
3. Terraforming Mars
4. Through the Ages
5. Power Grid
6. Robot Rally
Do you have a favorite board game that you've found helpful to your kids' learning? Write them in the comments, and let us know what you found worked for your kids for that particular game!
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