One of the things I personally cannot stand in a science curriculum (especially books and videos) is when the instructor runs through an experiment *perfectly* the first time, never making a mistake or a mess, and then showing you the final result you should get. Here’s why I hate this:
1. There’s no opportunity for the kid to learn anything because you just did it all for him.
2. No scientist in their right mind would do an experiment they already know the answer to.
3. Kids do not understand how to handle it when things go wrong.
4. There’s usually no passion or excitement because you just gave away the ending.
5. Kids think there’s only ONE way to do things, and it’s the way shown in the video.
Here at Supercharged Science, we understand the value of making mistakes, allowing room for discovery and innovation, and totally encourage kids to go above and beyond the basic concepts we cover by opening up the variations at the end of the experiments. We show your kids what the main ideas are, how to handle the equipment and chemicals properly, and then allow them room to innovate, create and design their experiments because we’ve taught them how to think for themselves.

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