We're going to learn about comets, asteroids, and meteorite showers in this fun and free hands-on science class by Supercharged Science!
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All you need is a sheet of paper and a magnet, and you're all set for class today!
If you want to make the comet after class, here's what you need to get:
-goggles & gloves
-trash bag
-water (1L)
-sand (1-2 cups)
-graphite (pencil shavings, charcoal briquette (smashed up), 1 Tbl
-ammonia (1 Tbl) - ADULTS ONLY
-dry ice (5 pounds) - ADULTS ONLY
Watch the video so you know exactly how to make this and what to watch out for.
KIDS: this project is for ADULTS to help you with, since you're dealing with ammonia and dry ice!
Please be safe and responsible, so we can continue to bring you world-class top-notch science education right to your home!
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