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We're going to discover planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and more as we take a tour through the solar system!
Download class worksheet here:
All you need for today's class is:
• Marble
• Sheet of paper
For Tomorrow's Class:
• Sheet of paper
If you want to Build a Scale Model of the Solar System like we talked about in this class, here are the distances (below) that will fit on your measuring tape - tape it outside with a piece of chalk and mark off the distances!
Mercury is 4 inches from the sun.
Venus is 7.75 inches from the sun.
Earth is 10 inches from the sun.
Mars is 1′ 4″ from the sun.
Jupiter is 4′ 8″ from the sun.
Saturn is 8′ 6.5″ from the sun.
Uranus is 17′ 2″ from the sun.
Neptune is 26′ 11″ from the sun.
Pluto is 35′ 5″ from the sun.
Our nearest star, Alpha Centauri, is approximately 46 miles from the sun.
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