FREE class for kids in BIOLOGY & LIFE SCIENCE! If you've got kids at home, come join us in learning how to do real hands-on science right from home! (Parents: you can go take a break now!)
We're going to take a step into the wild world of cells, microscopes, and lasers and learn not only what you can see but also make two different microscopes using everyday materials!
HINT: If you don't already have your pond sample "brewing" in the windowsill, go do that now. Just grab a clump of grass, roots and dirt and all, and stick it in a clean empty jar with a bit of warm water. Cap it and stick it in a sunny window for the rest of the week. You'll be using this sample for your experiments throughout our week together!
The materials this week are easy to get (you probably have most of these things in your house right now). I've posted them here:
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