We're kicking off our chemistry week with a look at acids and bases - I hope you enjoy it!
If you don't have red cabbage, all you need a plant material that contains anthocyanin, which can be red cabbage, blueberries, blackberries, and purple grape juice. You can also use radish peels or turmeric.
For red cabbage: Add diced red cabbage to 2 cups of water in a blender and blend well. Strain the solution to remove any cabbage.
For blueberries or blackberries: Place 2 to 3 berries in a small bowl and mash with a fork to make a paste, or use about a teaspoon of blueberry or blackberry jam. Add about 5 mL of water and stir, then strain to remove any solids. For grape juice: Be sure to use purple grape juice, as white grape juice will not work. The juice can be used as is from its container. For radishes, peel and use the skins as you would red cabbage (above). For turmeric, you need to steep it like tea and combine it with alcohol.